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Part 1: Being Left Behind

"He's come to kill Henry." Neal said to the group as Rumpel stood in saddened stillness as each of the members quickly turned against him.
"I mean no harm. I will not try to stop your journey or hurt any of you. I came all this way to die saving Henry. Now I have a way that can save him and me without anyone else getting hurt."
"Why should we believe you now?" Emma asked with her sword raised.
Rumpel looked from the angry faces of the Charmings, the smug resentment of Hook and Regina, and the utter betrayal plastered on Bae's face and knew that nothing he could say would ever be enough.
"Here, take the box. I will remain here." Rumpel said in a quiet voice.
"Just like that? No fight, Crocodile?"
"Quiet, Hook." Emma said as she lowered her sword and moved closer to Rumpel.
"You're telling the truth. But why would you stay here? If you mean what you say then shouldn't you be the one to confront Pan?"
"It was my intention but I now know that anything I say or try to do will never be accepted at face value. This is your son, Miss Swan, you should wield the box...and I will remain on the island."
Neal looked away from his father's grim face. The others looked at one another in confusion.
"What about Belle?" Emma asked.
Rumpel looked up at her question. "Tell her that I love her very much, and that even if I can't find a way back to her... maybe one day she'll find a way to me. But if she doesn't I understand and only want her to find love again."
Snow looked at Charming and gave him a look that he only wished he didn't understand.
"No. If Emma says you're telling the truth then you are. We didn't listen to her about Tamara and Greg, and we lost Henry because of it. We will trust her now. If we can allow Hook to walk with us after everything that he has done then you deserve the same benefit." Charming said as he neared Rumpel and held out his hand.
Rumpel stared at the prince in disbelief.
"You can't be serious!" Neal said as he walked closer.
"I am very serious. You're father is the reason that I am with my wife and daughter."
"He's also an integral reason why you were separated to begin with!" Regina exclaimed.
"True. But you were the one to cast the curse and benefit from our misery for 28 years." Snow stated fiercely. "He at least was trying to reunite with his son.You just wanted to win."
Regina stared at Snow as if she was going to throttle her.
Rumpel took the given silence as an opportunity to shake David's hand before placing the box in his other.
"Thank you Charming and Snow but I fear that my presence is not really trusted in this endeavor." He said as he pointedly looked at Bae.
"Son, I am sorry that I hurt you. I am sorry that you have nothing but contempt left toward me. I am sorry that I am the reason that our relationship was destroyed. I will always love you no matter what, and I am just glad I got to see you alive and well one last time." Rumpel said as he quickly vanished in a puff of purple smoke. Everyone looked around to see where he had vanished, but he was already gone.
Two Days Later Back in Storybrooke

The Jolly Roger pulled into the harbor and everyone in town gradually made their way to the docks. Belle ran ahead of the townspeople as she raced to the front. She spotted Emma and her parents along with Henry and Regina. Soon Hook, Neal, and a blonde woman with a little girl followed. Where was Rumpel?
"Where is he?" Belle asked in a desperate voice as she approached the group. None of the members knew quite how to talk .
"Belle, he stayed behind." Emma finally said as she put a hand on Belle's shoulder.
"What? Why? We had a way for everyone to come back safe including Rumpel."
Neal came forward. "He chose to stay. We couldn't risk him hurting Henry and he ..."
Belle came forward and slapped Neal across the face. Everyone stilled in shock.
"How dare you! He went to that Godforsaken place ready to die for Henry. He told me as much when he left me here. But then he found a way to save everyone and he was ready to come back to me. Ariel told me as much. You left him! He went there to honor you and you left him!"
Belle was crying now and shaking uncontrollably. Snow moved to comfort her but Belle pushed her away.
"I will find a way to him. I will be with him again and whether you like it or not, Baelfire, I'm bringing him back." She said with such fire that Neal was actually a bit afraid.
Belle stormed off. She would need Ariel's help.
"Belle, I don't know if you'd survive a swim through the realms. I would hold onto you the whole time, but I've never taken a human through so many magical channels."
"Well, there's a first time for everything. I'm not afraid."
"But we are." Came the voices of Anton, Leroy, and Ruby.
Belle turned around to meet their worried eyes.
"Belle, you could die. Gold wouldn't want that for you." Ruby said as she went to stand in front of her friend.
'No one decides my fate but me. I don't care how dangerous this mission is, I will swim to Neverland. He needs me, and I need him.
"You're sure then. There's no way we can talk you out of this?"
Belle walked behind the pawn shop counter and retrieved the small teacup. She traced the chip with her finger before putting the cup in her small back pack.
"I have been separated from him too many times. Nothing will come between us ever again. I won't allow it. I am going and that's the end of the discussion."
None of them knew what to do or say. "Alright, Belle. I'll take you." Ariel decided.
"Ariel, don't help her with this." Ruby begged with tears in her eyes. Ariel patted Ruby on her shoulder.
"I have to help her. She deserves her chance at a happy ending especially after helping me gain mine."
Belle walked up and hugged Ruby and then Leroy and Anton.
"I am sorry but this is the only way."
Belle put on her blue lace dress that she knew was Rumpel's favorite and a white cardigan.
Ariel was already in the harbor water waiting for Belle to jump in.
"Belle! Belle! Wait!" The Charmings and Neal were running toward her. Belle quickly put her backpack on, held her breath, and jumped into the water.
Once she was in, she swam over to Ariel. "We have to go now!"
Ariel nodded in agreement and then took them under.
The Charmings and Neal finally made it to the dock only to find a lone book floating on the water's surface.
"Oh no! She'll surely die!" Snow exclaimed in horror. The Blue Fairy was making her way over to them.
Neal stared down at the water feeling a heavy weight of guilt pressing down on him.
"It's my fault. I should have..."
"Neal, don't do that to yourself. I'm sure she'll be fine and so will your dad." Emma said.
"Yes. She will be fine. I made sure of it." Blue said as she finally stood with the group.
"I gave her a special amulet that will allow her to survive the journey. She will make it safely to Neverland. Since Pan is dead, she will be safe with her...true love." She said with a bit of incredulity.
"But what's the price of that magic, Blue?" Tinkerbell asked as she seemed to appear from nowhere.
"The price is that she can never come back."
The Charmings looked at Blue as if they were seeing her, really seeing her, for the first time.
"You made sure that was the price, didn't you?" Emma asked in disbelief.
Blue had the decency to look ashamed.
"It's best if he doesn't come back here. He will never leave that island if it means that he is separate from Belle. This way they have each other, and we have peace from the Dark One. It was a difficult decision to make but a necessary one."
Snow shook her head in shock and Charming couldn't help but blink at the scene.
"Belle, has a father and friends here. She has a whole life and you took that all away from her because of an old vendetta with Gold." Emma said in disgust.
"She didn't deserve that. He didn't." Neal said with a wistful look at the harbor.


 Ariel rose to the surface and pulled Belle with her.
"You okay?"
Belle blinked her eyes open and wiped her face. She couldn't help but to smile at the lush island in front of her.
"I'm more than okay. I'm home." Belle swam to the shore and Ariel followed.
"Belle, I can stay and help you find him."
Belle smiled with genuine happiness.
"Thank you but the rest is up to me. You have helped me more than you'll ever know. Visit once in a while. I'd like to know how Ruby, Archie, Leroy, and Anton are doing. Even my father."
Ariel smiled sadly at her friend. "Of course. I will be by once a month to keep you informed. I'm sorry Belle."
"All magic comes with a price and this is a price I would never think twice of paying."
Ariel nodded in agreement and hugged Belle before disappearing into the waves.
Belle came to a clearing and sat against a nearby rock. She could feel his presence. She could smell his magic.
"Rumpel! Rumpel It's me! It's Belle!" She yelled out into the wind.
A few minutes passed before she saw a bush rustle and Rumpel made his way through. His facial expression read complete astonishment.
"Belle? Is it really you?"
Belle ran over and toppled him to the ground. Before he could speak another word she was ravenously kissing him all over.
Night in Neverland

 Belle was curled up next to Rumpel in the bed made of furs and feathers. He stroked her naked back and kissed her behind the ear.
"You shouldn't be here, Sweetheart. The deal you made with her..."
"Is a deal I would make each and every time. I love you and I am done with this constant separation. There are worst places to be stuck." She said as she lay her head on his chest and stroked his hair.
"I guess...but what about the library and all your friends...your father?"
Belle looked up and kissed him gently.
"I'll miss them just as you'll miss Bae. But I can live without them. I can't live without you. I'd merely be existing and that's not a real life. I want us to be a family. Rumpel, it's time for us to be happy."
He smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her thoroughly before pushing her against the pillows.
Three Months in Storybrooke is like Four Years in Neverland

"We're finally here." Neal said as he and Emma fell out of the portal and onto the beach.
"Yeah, home sweet hell." She replied as she looked at the lush jungle ahead of her.
"Pan's dead remember. It should just be a magical beach without an evil teenager at the helm."
"Yeah, but your sorcerer dad is here and probably in fierce protection mode since Belle came."
Neal shrugged and started toward the jungle.

It was dark when they set up camp by the caves. Neal could sense his father's magic but for some reason the old man hadn't made an appearance.

In the far distance, two sleepy little girls with curly brown hair and blue eyes lay in a hammock with their mother and listened as she told them the story of Beauty and the Beast. Their father stood on the balcony of their tree home looking at the ocean waves.
"Belle, I think we have a visitor."
Belle halted her story and watched him.
"Ariel left only a few days ago."
"Not the little mermaid...it's Bae."
The twin girls yawned in unison and Belle gently covered them with a blanket before joining her husband at the balcony.
'Why now? It's been years."
He smiled fondly and put an arm around his wife.
"For us it's been three years. For him it's been a few weeks. Time works differently here...He misses me." He said with happiness. Belle smiled softly at him.
"Well, let's wait and see why he's here first."
"I'm surprised he hasn't made an appearance." Emma said as she and Neal hiked through the jungle.
"Maybe he's busy...or mad." He said as he nervously ran a hand across his forehead.
Emma nudged him with her arm.
"He loves you, Neal. He went through hell to reunite with you. I doubt he's done with you now."
"Well, I never abandoned him before. Maybe he doesn't feel the same. I wouldn't blame him after how I acted."
Suddenly, the duo stopped at the sound of a child laughing in the distance.
"Lost boys? I thought they all went back to the Enchanted Forest?"
"That's what I thought too. Stay close." Neal said as he and Emma went behind a tree to see what they were confronting.
Neal's eyes widened at the sight of the two identical little girls playing with ribbons. They bore a striking resemblance to Belle.

"Vivi and Jilly! Come on and get your lunch." Belled yelled from the tree top. The little girls dropped their ribbons and made their way to the rope ladder hanging on the side. Neal watched in awe as Belle and his father came into view at the top. He could instantly see how much happier and healthier his father looked. Belle looked even more beautiful, if that was possible.
"Are they my...sisters?"
Emma grinned in disbelief. "You were right. Time really does speed up here. They look about four years-old. Very cute. I can see a lot of Belle in them."
Neal noticed that one of the girls had turned her hand out and made a sandwich appear out of thin air.
"And I can see your dad in them too." Emma added.
"Vivian Ariel Gold, you do not use magic to get your lunch." Belle admonished the little girl. Gold chuckled at his daughter's downcast expression. "Now, Vivi, you know the rules," He said as he made his way down the ladder.
The little girl nodded sadly and gave her father the ribbons.
"Now, go sit in your room and I will collect you in a few minutes."
"Yes, Papa." The little girl replied with a sniffle. Rumpel patted her head lovingly before sending her off. Belle came down the ladder and stood with Rumpel and Jilly.
"She is too reckless at times."
"I'll teach her. She gets ahead of herself."
Belle gave Jilly a sandwich and went to sit on a nearby chair.
"Yes, she takes after her father in that way." Belle said with a grin.
Rumpel grinned in return.
"But she'll learn the right way, I promise Sweetheart."

Neal looked baffled at the domestic scene in front of him.
"He's changed a lot. I have magical baby sisters."
Emma chuckled at his perplexed expression.
"Well, there isn't much for Belle and him to do on this island except eat, sleep, and scr-"
"Don't finish that sentence. It's just hard to believe. He's moved on, Emma. He's moved on."

A Single Step: Part 2

Part 2: Above and Below

"Rumpel, this was such a wonderful surprise. How did you do all this?" Belle asked she leaned against him to look out the ferris wheel window. The city of Vienna was below them and beautifully lit up.
"Well, I read about this attraction. As long as you can afford it, then you can reserve the ferris wheel wagon for you and your love. The meal is part of the experience. I thought it would be special, just you and me, overlooking the city, and eating some great food."
Belle leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips.
"I'm glad you surprised me. I know I've been a bit controlling with the travel plans..."
"Sweetheart, it's fine. I want you to be happy. I know how much this world trip means to you. But I also know that sometimes it's good to be thrown off course. I mean, I never foresaw you in any vision, and now my life if so much better." He kissed her cheek and brought her hand to rest within his own.
"This is so romantic. I'm so glad to be here with you, and I can't  wait to get back to the hotel." She said with a wicked smile that most certainly held sinful promises. Rumpel pulled her close and grinned.
"Well, that was another goal of this particular, outing."

Back in Storybrooke

"Neal, could you go to sleep already. All the tossing and turning you're doing is keeping me up." Emma said as she pulled the covers up around her.
"I can't sleep. I mean it's stupid, really stupid. I can't help but wonder why they haven't written in weeks."
Emma smiled fondly at him and then took her pillow and hit him in the face.
"Ow! What the hell was that for?"
"That was for keeping me up for the last hour and a half because you miss your daddy. Just admit it and we can finally get some rest."
Neal sat up and glared at his fiance.
"Sometimes it would be nice if you could be a little more understanding instead of a hard ass."
Emma turned her back on him.
"Look, I can be more understanding in the morning. Now unless you're gonna do something fun to help me get to sleep, would you just go to the couch."
Neal shook his head in amazement and stood from the bed.
"I am so pissed at you right now, Emma Swan."
Emma sighed in frustration.
"Neal, I'm sorry if I'm not being all supportive. You know how I feel about your dad situation. I have told you that it's time to make a decision about having him in your life. I love you with all my heart but only you can fix this problem. Now, as I said, could you please go sleep on the couch?"
"Fine. See you in the morning. Maybe." He said in a huff as he walked out of the room.

Nighttime is the Right Time

"Gods! Belle, what have you been reading?" Rumpel asked as he fell onto the king-sized bed. Bell crawled up from under the sheets and lay next to him.
"Ruby lent me some books, and I did some research on the internet. Why? Did you not enjoy it?"
Rumpel turned to stare at her and started to laugh. "Sweetheart, that move you just pulled was very much appreciated. In fact, I'd like to counter with a move of my own." He said as he moved above her and pressed his chest against her bare breasts.
Belle giggled and ran her hands through his hair.
"You know, I love the idea, but there is one thing I have to do first."
"What could possibly be more important than this?" He said as he leaned down to kiss her neck and collar bone.
"Uh, I thought I should get that postcard ready to mail for the morning... It's been four weeks and... Gods, Rumpel!" Belle gave into the kiss for a minute before gently pushing her love away.
"It'll only take a minute."

Rumpel groaned in protest.
"Belle, I thought I told you to let that scheme go. He won't care." Rumpel said as he propped up a few pillows and leaned against the headboard.
Belle got up from the bed and threw on her silk robe.
"Rumpel, have faith...and a little patience. We both know that the minute I'm done writing a few words to Emma, that you'll pounce on me with renewed vigor."
Rumpel grinned sheepishly.
"True, but I still don't see the point." Rumpel said with gloomy resignation
Belle pulled out her Vienna postcard with the ferris wheel illustration on the front.
"Rumpel, I know you hurt but don't let that deter your heart. At least, let me hope enough for both of us." She said as she walked back over to the bed and sat next to him.
"Do you want to write this one?" She asked as she held the card out to him.
Rumpel shook his head in defeat.
"Give it here, Sweetheart. You know I have trouble saying no to you."
Belle kissed him on the cheek and started toward the bathroom.
"Just say hi and tell him that you hope he's doing well. It will be enough for now."
'I hope you're right."

A Single Step
 Part 1:  Autumnal Voyage
"Well, he gave you what you asked for. You wanted him to leave you alone and he has." Emma said as she handed Neal the newest postcard from Belle. Neal held the card, which had a picture of the Acropolis in Parthenon.  Belle and his father's latest travel destination was Greece.
"I know what I said...and I meant it. I guess I didn't think he'd be so ready to just leave..."
"Oh, God. You are ridiculous. Every time he saw you he had the saddest puppy dog look on his face, but he respected your wishes and left you alone. He stopped trying to make small talk or even asking me for intel on you. Now, that he's traveling the world with Belle you suddenly want your daddy back." Emma shook her head in annoyance and starting making the coffee.

Neal stood up and slammed the card down on the table.
"What the hell is your problem? You're supposed to be on my side, Emma."
"Not when you're being an immature jerk. I mean, I am not your father's biggest fan, but I know how much you mean to him. He went to Neverland willing to die for our son. No matter what that stupid prophecy said, he was ready to die for Henry...and for you. There is only so much rejection a person can take before they get the message, Neal."
"What are you saying? He's the victim! I'm the one that grew up alone. I'm the one who felt unloved and unwanted for hundreds of years..."
Emma sighed and placed her hand on his face to calm him down.
"I know how you feel more than anyone, but there comes a point when you have to decide if you want this person in your life or not. He still loves you Neal, but he has Belle to consider as well. He never put her first before. You were his only concern for hundreds of years and then when he found you again it still didn't work out. Belle has unconditionally loved your father for thirty years and has been very understanding of this whole situation. He feels that she is the only one that truly wants him and needs him. He thinks you have disowned him completely. So, yeah, he's gonna start trying for a new life with his true love. I mean, he's been putting it off for centuries."
Neal ran a hand through his hair and turned toward the window.
"Neal, if you want him in your life then you have to let him know." Emma said as she patted him gently on the back before returning to the

One week later

"I got the mail. Look, they're in Milan." Emma said as she handed the newest post card, featuring a picture of the famous La Scala Opera House, over to Neal.
The note read, "Adoring the food. The fashion shows were so beautiful! We saw Turandot performed at the opera house and it was amazing! We'll be visiting Venice in two days then we'll take a week in the Swiss Alps. Rumpel says hi. Love, Belle."

"He says hi.That's all he could muster?"
Emma groaned in annoyance. "Don't start. It's too early in the morning for daddy issues."
"I'm just saying he couldn't have written the note himself. He had to get his little girlfriend..."
"Stop right there, Neal. Belle is not the villain here, and she's more than just your dad's girlfriend. Is this part of your problem? You're jealous of Belle?"
"No, I just don't understand how he can give up so much for her and not do the same for me."
"Uh, sweetie, that sounds exactly like jealousy."
"Look, Belle is great. I think the old man is lucky to have her around. I just wish that he could be as brave with me as he is with her."
"Well, he did risk everything to reunite with you in New York knowing that you would very likely reject him, which you did, but he went anyway for the small chance that you would forgive him. I would say that's pretty brave."
Neal rolled his eyes and sat down on the sofa.
"Why are you so pro-Rumpelstiltskin all of a sudden?"
Emma chuckled at his boyish pout and sat down next to him.
"I'm not pro-Rumpelstiltskin. I just think that you miss your dad as much as he misses you. It's time for you to take a risk. Anyway you need to hurry up about it. Connecting with your dad will get harder once he knocks Belle up."
Neal groaned in disgust.
"What? You think their just giving each other butterfly kisses at night. She's beautiful and she actually finds him sexy. There is no way that they're not banging in every room of their villa tonight."
Neal picked up a pillow and threw it at her.
"I don't need a reminder. I did walk in on them once."
Emma burst out laughing.
"That's right. You went into his house thinking you'd find your dad alone but instead you found him..."
"Doing something with Belle that I did not think my father even had knowledge of."
"Lucky girl."
"Emma, please stop."

Three Weeks Later

"Any mail from the great explorers? Neal asked as he started chopping up vegetables for dinner.
"No, three weeks is a pretty long time. They must be really enjoying themselves. I wonder where they are now?"

"Belle, you need to come to bed love. The train ride will be long and you need your rest."
Belle finished writing on the postcard and placed it on the vanity.
"Rumpel, I can't believe we'll be in Vienna soon. This train ride is so romantic." She said as she went to join him in the bed.
"Aye, this has been my favorite part of the trip. The train is so quiet and it's just you and me. All these socialites and expats that keep wanting us to go to their parties or dinners can get a bit..."
"Overwhelming. I know. It's nice to meet people, but my favorite part of the trip are these moments alone with you too." Belle said as she leaned closer to him and kissed him softly on the lips. Rumpel pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.
"Were you writing another postcard to Emma?" He asked once he broke from the kiss.
Belle nodded shyly and lay against her pillow.
"Sweetheart, I doubt he cares." Rumpel said as he lay next to her.
"He'll be curious because you're still his father. She'll give him each card, and he'll get more and more interested in what we're up to. It's only a matter of time before he realizes how much he misses his papa."
"Very manipulative scheme for such a sweet woman. I appreciate your efforts but he doesn't want a relationship. I've finally come to terms with that." He said with a hint of sadness that he tried to hide with a sudden kiss to Belle's shoulder. Belle ran a hand through his hair and kissed his cheek.
"It will work. You've never honored his wishes like this before. He won't know how to handle it."
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because he takes after his father. Neither of you wants to admit how much pain you're in but it's the only true thing that you can agree on. You miss each other and no amount of pride or fear will change that, Rumpel. You'll find a way back to each other. I just know it."

"The Truth You Already Know"
It was a hazy night on the island. The fireflies scattered across the skyline as the shadows swam through the ominous clouds. It was too humid. It was too quiet. Rumple knew that it was only a matter of time before he was forced to make a fatal decision, one that would cost either him or Henry their lives.

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We Survive the Cold, For Our Love Blossoms in the Snow"-Accompanying Ficmix
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"We Survive the Cold, For Our Love Blossoms in the Snow"-Winter Drabbles

"We Survive the Cold for Our Love Blossoms in the Snow"

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The Search for Tanwen: The Last Unicorn

Chapter 1: Pushing Onward


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Making Love To Say...-A New Rumple/Belle fanmix
Making Love to Say:
Hello My Love,
Goodbye My Love,
Until We Meet Again

making love to say
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"We Could Help Each Other"-Golden Belle Fanmix
we could help each other golden belle fanmix

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